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Café Itadi + Harun “Air Afrique” Coffee

Café Itadi + Harun “Air Afrique” Coffee

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Welcome to the Café Itadi and Harun Coffee “Air Afrique” Capsule. A capsule which honors the connection and culture of Africa to America. Your purchase supports black businesses that are dedicated to uplifting and growing an inclusive and creative international community.

The founder of Itadi Coffee- Tabi Bonney, grew up between Togo, West Africa and Washington, DC. He and his family would fly Air Afrique when traveling between the continents- it was the only West African airline at the time. This airline kept him and many others connected to Africa, Europe, and the United States. Itadi is a generational family owned coffee farmin the mountains of Togo, West Africa. Tabi created this brand to bring the rich tasteof Itadi Coffee straight from his family farms to your cup. ITADI ensures portions of proceeds from sales go directly to the farmers that grow the coffee, their families and their community.

Chace Johnson is the co-founder of Harun Coffee located in Leimert Park and their new location in downtown Los Angeles. He created a unique cafe offering only coffee with African origins, a gallery featuring artwork by black artists as well as a lifestyle clothing brand. It has become a community hub in the Los Angeles area supporting artists and offering free panels led by entertainers & influencers. Enjoy.

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